Un posto nel mondo per i perfezionisti
It is the editor’s lot to be a stickler, a perfectionist and a pedant, and to appoint people who share those concerns. […]

Il giornalista imparziale e il lettore che lo apprezza
Those criticised in a story, for instance, should be given the opportunity to state their side of the dispute. This is not simply an ethical matter: it is also about self-interest, since most readers will find balanced and objective news writing more involving and more respectful of their intelligence than selective reporting mixed with opinionated rhethoric. […]

Il capo che guida e incoraggia
When staff writers hand in their work, especially if they are inexperienced, it is only fair to give it the level of attention a freelance’s copy would get. This is a time for gentle guidance and encouragement.

(da Magazine editing, di John Morrish, Routledge, 2003)


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